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misandriad whispered : i don't normally watch him, but in shane dawson's new video he makes a joke about sleeping with underage girls at vidcon. the fact that a male youtuber would have the audacity to talk about rampant sex abuse in his community like it doesn't matter is disgusting. link is /watch?v=5Qmpja_FSCQ at about 2:24



god what a jerk 

i mean i don’t expect any better from him after what he did to chescaleigh but one would hope catrific showed a little sympathy 

This internet fame shit has really gone straight to some of these people’s heads.

"Famous" YouTubers pressuring underage girls into having sex, Vine “stars” pleading guilty to rape and then shaming his victim to the delight of his 5 million “fans” while she gets death threats. And then after DOZENS of young girls and women find the strength to share that YouTubers are using their “fame” to pressure girls into sex is disturbingly common, this HUGELY “famous” YouTuber continues to make rape jokes about the community (on top of blackface, child abuse “jokes” etc etc) for their mostly pre-teen audience only to have their “comedic talents” rewarded with tv and movie deals. Oh, and when I told my date rape story on YouTube? I got death threats. When I ask other YouTubers not to use the n-word or make rape jokes, I get called a jealous n-word whore by their legion of fans. Yup. This is rape culture.

Seriously though? Stop watching these people’s content. Even if it’s to gawk at how horrible it is. Every view is another coin in their pocket.